Monday, August 23, 2010

I hope they don't try this with Christopher Hitchens.

PZ Myers is having some health issues as well.

The Lady Hope Story.....


  1. If 'Rome' or al-Qa'ida get hold of him, they'll be equally likely to be found burning him at the stake and he'll probably tell them exactly what they'd like to hear!!!

    The good news for him is al-Qa'ida will - hopefully have been bombed into the stone age by the US Marine Corps (if only they can find them?!!), whereas 'Rome' will be over by Christmas...

  2. Well...think good thoughts for Prof. PZ Myers.

  3. Yes, I saw yesterday - didn't realize you were following him too until I'd posted the link! All we can do his hope (no preying here!!), one of my mates has been fighting the big 'C' for over 2 years now, and my Mum was being poked in the eye with a scalpel and a tube of super-glue last Saturday (by a man with letters after his name!).

    I tend to put all these things down to 'life', happens to all of us every day, just gotta roll with it!

    And on that happy note - Take care!!