Friday, July 31, 2015

TIM MEE Toys People at Play

These are recasts of an early 1970s set of plastic figures. They are available now in bags of 24 figures  on Amazon. The scale is 1/32 scale/ 54mm but are a bit taller and thinner.  I've posed them with 54mm figures from other makers. These figures might be useful at gaming pieces or converted to various periods.

I painted up a few...

 By golly the Mom is a ringer for Lois Griffin!

Friday, July 24, 2015

LEMAX Prussian 1860s Marketenderin conversion

Here is the LEMAX figure I converted the Marketenderin from and another conversion.

 Some documentation for her outfit and a few Seven Weeks War reenactors in the outfit

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Expeditionary Force Militia painted as Confederates.

My style is getting a bit "Impressionistic" with washes and dabs of color. I haven't mastered blending acrylics the way I could oil based paint.   PLEASE! No comments about the Confederate Flag. (Wink)

 I painted the most simple known Confederate uniforms so that these figures could serve throughout the war with different flags.

Printed flags from the "Internets."

Expeditionary Force figures look a bit like 54mm/1/32 scale war game figures. Some details are way off and at $32.00 per set of 9 figures building a unit is expensive. You do get the benefit of making as many as you like of firing an advancing poses and you are not stuck with lame poses.