Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Barzso Mexican War figures.

 I finally got around to painting these Barzso figures of US Infantry in the Mexican American War. I had to scrape off the 1808 pattern knapsacks on the original figures. Sad but this pattern doesn't appear in any period images and new interpretations. 

                                  The sources I have on hand.

Here you can see the cardstock slings and one thickness of tongue depressor wood that I added to make these standing men taller than the kneeling me in the set.

After making these improvements I set up my figures.

Barzso only made Mexican militia in Campesino clothing.


                                      Our flag flies over Monterrey!

Friday, April 12, 2024

British Light Infantry 1775

 These figures are heavily converted LOD Enterprises 60 mm figures from it's British Infantry set. I picked the 59th Regiment as the unit was involved in the major actions in the Boston area in 1775. I also picked the 59th because the there are no reenactment units , nor modern illustrations of the 59th to call me wrong.  ;) 

The original figures had a LOT of problems. 

They do have the light infantry "wings" . short coat, and the British tin canteen. 

Pewter Light Infantry heads from a run of castings I had done years ago.  (LOD Enterprises also makes a set of British Light Infantry with the caps)

Cast pewter Brown Bess muskets grafted to the figures. 

I originally painted them all red to match LOD's plastic.

Recently I added the belly box ammunition pouches and painted the figures fully.