Friday, April 30, 2010

Japanese Nurses from the Russo Japanese War

I found a few postcards on line of nurses from the Russo-Japanese War.

The Japanese military went Western at this time and the uniforms of the troops and apparently nurses uniforms as well.

This card looks like a summer/winter uniform or dress/working uniforms.

Great caps. Maybe they inspired the costumes of the characters in the Anime series Trinty Blood.

The one below says "hold card to light" which may reveal a risque image related to the figure in the hospital bed below. I can't tell.

This card below appears to show a working gown uniform over a darker uniform.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia

A good number of photos were taken of this princess of Kaiser Wilhelm. Her image was "collectable" as you can see from the post cards.

She wears the "uniform" of the Leib Husaren Regt Nr. 2. in these photos from around 1910. It was the custom for even princesses to be the honorary commanders of regiments and appear at reviews in a riding habit based on the regiment's uniform. The princess's outfit stands out because of the grim death's head on her cap over her beautiful smile.

Here she stands with her sister in law Princess Cecile, the wife of the Crown Prince.

The photos of Cecile are unfortunate as other photos show her to be very pretty.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Chasseur Cantiniere Miniatures

A recent post on another Blog I follow (Warfare in the Age of Steam) about French Chasseurs of the Crimean War era reminded me that I had painted two Chasseur Cantinieres. I did these over 20 years ago so I dusted them off for new photos.

The ones below are German made flats.

This 54mm figure below had an ugly head so I replaced it with a head from an old Phoenix miniature and added some better details to the canteen (tonnelet) strap.

A nice feature of the Chasseur Cantiniere outfit was the lack of the short skirt that was usual with other unit's Cantinieres

You can compare the figures with this period photo from the Anne S.K. Brown Collection

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Imrie/Risley Confederates

I did some conversions to the I/R stock figures to get a variety of uniforms. Their Gen. Robert E. Lee is a fine figure. The building is the BMC Lee's HQ building with a foundation added.

The boy from the I/R Sherlock Holmes series done as an American boy. The smaller figure is from a ship model supply company.

I/R's Photographer

The Mrs. Cratchit figure from I/R's Dickens Series repainted as a slave nanny.

Monday, April 19, 2010

30mm Cantinieres

I finally got around to painting these two 30 mm Cantinieres by Edward Suren. (Thanks Mark!) The figures are good for 1840s-70s French subjects.

Suren's figures make good war game figures or just fun subjects like this one. The Cantiniere on the right is pulling up her "culotte rouge."

Her "culotte fendue" are open.

Here's one from the series I did a while back......

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hand Cast Confederates.

More figures I cast and painted from my old Rapco hobby molds. Nice poses based on the old HERALD plastic Civil War soldiers from the UK. The uniforms are generic Civil War-ish, ment to be painted as Union and Confederate. There are some mistakes with the knapsack straps and the infantry coats are not quite a frock coat, not quite a fatigue blouse, and closer to the tunic the Confederacy wished they had. They do have the gear on the correct sides. Fun to "play" with.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Polish Lady gets dressed in the 1860s.

Hats off to this Polish lady who shows how to get dressed in 1860s clothing. Be sure to scroll down on her page to see all her photos of how she does it, step by step.

(NO nudity)

"Krynolina 1862 - 1867"

Here are a few samples....

Monday, April 5, 2010

More Italian Cantinieres

Most of these images may be of imaginary cantinieres such as in the
paper cut out Soldiers from 1800s France that include cantinieres with every printed regiment.

Even the Papal Guard.

The Piedmontaise..

More Bersaglieri...

These women may be locals rather than army women or cantinieres... well as this woman.


Artist Domenico Induno liked this pose so well...

..he used it again.


There are ceremonial cantinieres in Italy today.

Some with reenactment units of the Napoleonic Wars

Others from the 1850s and 60s.