Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Make your own "Novelty Figures".

 I found this Toy Story "Bo Peep" figure at the dollar store. The last Toy Story film made Bo Peep, a gentle porcelain lamp decoration, into an action hero.  As the character's costume is cartoonized 1800s underwear this figure lends itself making to a Novelty figure similar to the old Phoenix Follies females.

Conversions were made with SPIERA artillery parts and "Green Stuff".

             Note the "womanly" hip thrust given to this kid's collectable. 

             Porcelaine arm repair from the story becomes a combat wound. 

                            Painted on Corset and US Belt. 

           Version two with torn dress and Union forage cap.

More to come.


Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Expeditionary Force 54-60mm Battle of New Orleans.

 I'd like to get more Expeditionary Force artillery sets and more British regulars.


                                       Militia in hunting frocks. 
                                                US Regulars

                    US Navy. I still need X-Force's Naval gunners.

                        Colonel of the 43rd Regiment of Foot
                                    Royal Marines and Navy
                  A flank company of the 43rd Regiment of Foot. They still wear                      the shako worn in Spain.

The figures I have are more representative of the New Orleans campaign.  Expedition Force (X-Force) does give you sets to represent all the theaters of the War of 1812. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Barzso War of 1812 Americans.

 I never got the Barzso British Infantry that went with the original New Orleans playset.  I picked up the Americans piece by piece over the years,

Here are more close-ups of conversions from work in progress.

I think this boy with a bucket was "Israel Boone" from another Barzso set.

The man with a linstock was the Barzso Civil War camp cook.

The number 1 man on the gun is a conversion of a man loading his musket. 

The cannon is a BMC Yorktown set conversion.

Just a few British casualties.