Sunday, November 13, 2022

French Marines 1870 54mm Britains conversions.

 These Britains Ltd figures started as Belgian Grenadiers from the WW One era. I converted them to French Napoleon III Imperial Guards.

Recently I found that I didn't like the result so into the Lestoil bath they went. I have found that Lestoil takes off acrylic paint and any remaining original paint. 

They now had a new life as French Marine Infantry who can "serve" in Mexico during the Maximillian I era,  and The Franco Prussian War.

I found several images on-line of the French Marines and I have tried to paint them in "toy style" while still getting them "authentic."  

Heads are Britains Ltd Civil War kepi heads.

Knapsacks were built up on the original casting's knapsack with wooden skewers forming the tent roll and paperclip metal for the tent poles. The mess kit is plastic rod and the basin is three layers of punched out card stock. 

Arms are from a home casting mold for replacement arms and weapons. Dunkin has this mold.