Wednesday, June 21, 2023

June 19, 1867 Execution of Maximilian I

 Figures are recasts and homecast Britains Ltd style 54mm pewter converted to Mexican troops.


"..According to the organization of the Army of the North, the responsibility for its surveillance fell on the 1st Battalion of Nuevo León, whose commander, Colonel Miguel Palacios, worked as a provost officer, that is, the person in charge of guarding the prisoners and leading them to the gallows It was the same battalion that in February of that year had been in charge of the execution of 98 French soldiers captured in the battle of San Jacinto and who were responsible for numerous crimes committed in Zacatecas..." 

" There are three squads of seven shooters each; one for each prisoner. Its boss is Captain Simón Montemayor, 22, originally from Villa de Santiago, Nuevo León. "............ "The soldiers ready their muskets; They are single-shot Springfield rifles, manufactured in Harper's Ferry, Virginia, USA."

"..... Later, addressing those present, he raised his voice and said: “I am going to die for a just cause, that of the independence and freedom of Mexico. May my blood seal the misfortunes of my new homeland. Long live Mexico!"....."

Figure based on portraits and photos of Maximilian wearing a sombrero. 


                     Photo of the firing party that shot Maximilian. First Mobile Battalion of Nuevo Leon. 

"...As a special request, the emperor requested that good marksmen be chosen and that they aim for the chest; so only experienced sergeants make up his firing squad: Jesús Rodríguez, Marcial García, Ignacio Lerma, Máximo Valencia, Ángel Padilla, Carlos Quiñones and Aureliano Blanquet"  

"...Captain Montemayor holds his sword up. He suddenly drops it and as it tears through the air the cry "Fire!" is heard. A closed, uniform, thunderous discharge crossed the space above the Republican troops and the prisoners fell to the ground. The captain still distinguishes signs of life in Maximiliano and orders Sergeant Aureliano Blanquet to reload his rifle... He shoots him right through the heart....."
"...Miramón takes a piece of paper out of his vest and reads a speech. He refuses to be branded as a traitor: “I protest against the accusation of treason that has been thrown at my face [...]. I die innocent of this crime.” 

"..Tomás Mejía remains silent, but he is the only one of the three who looks the soldiers in the firing squad straight in the eye...."

"....It's 7:10 in the morning. The echo of the shots bounces off the corners of the city. Then all the bells of Querétaro chime in unison. Many excited soldiers break the strict order of silence and shout: “Death to the Empire! Long live the Republic!"....."

Monday, June 12, 2023

G Scale 4-4-0 Christmas Train conversion.

 New Bright brand plastic Christmas Tree Train found on eBay. G-Scale is close to 54mm-60mm and can be used with Civil War and Wild West figures. This non functional locomotive has been repaired and painted as a the fictional "General Butler", an engine on the United States Military Railroad. 

The tender had a coal plastic insert that I replaced with cut wood.

I like to convert and repaint LEMAX Christmas Village figures to Civil War era civilians and soldiers. 

Friday, June 9, 2023

Imrie/Risley Admiral Farragut.

 Found this figure at a 25% off sale. Farragut is an American Hero.

Monday, June 5, 2023

You to can add bayonets to Toy Style 54mm figures.

 The four basic firing figures (other than the prone pose) made by Britains Ltd were two standing and two kneeling.The plate below shows these poses.   For some reason the Britains firing figures don't have bayonets. . This makes putting the four poses together in a unit "off." 

I took home cast Britains style figures and added bayonets this way.