Friday, August 27, 2010

Balloon accidents.

I was surprised by the early airplane humor. A related subject was balloon humor involving women. The gag being that the passengers have to lighten the load by throwing their clothing out. Be sure to click on the images for LARGER copies.

A balloon also seemed good place for a party in this joke postcard. The woman in the blue corset also displays the visible chemise tail sticking out from the back of her drawers.

The ship's anchors used on balloons were a source of jokes. The first one is titled "Another Victim of Progress."

A skirt solved the problem of a deflating balloon by acting as a parachute.

Even a balloon crash was more of a subject for humor.


  1. I think I'd get rid of all that dead-man weight.

  2. I'm guessing that these images were from postcards and humor magazines mainly aimed at men. I recently found a French Bicycle magazine on-line that had humor from around 1900. Lots of beautiful and semi dressed women...on bikes.