Sunday, October 30, 2011

The saddest Model Railroad !

I was looking for plastic figures near to 1/32 scale and came across these German made large scale examples. What a depressing layout one must make with these!



Satan worship!

Violent Crime!
 Public nudity and flaunting the law!



 Disrespect for women and Schadenfreude!


Disrespectful Children!



Clergy Pedophilia!

Cold washcloths!

Wow! Military miniatures, wargaming,  and toy soldiers don't get anywhere as "dark!"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Swiss Military Women!

It's only pre-World War One Humor that mirrored the French and German theme of what if emancipated women joined the military. For you war gamers, these pictures might be an inspiration for fantasy troops to fight Hinterland's beautiful female hussar series.

 The proposed female recruits would do the wife and mom work...

Perhaps red stockings mean artillery and green mean rifles.

They even staged this humor for the camera. I've noticed that when men dress like women it's usually funny but when women dress like men it's usually sexy.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Swiss Cantinieres...Maybe

I found a few period images of what may be Cantinieres or Marketenderin in the Swiss army. As the women wear female civilian clothing it's hard to tell if the women are civilian employees, soldier's wives or independent merchants.

The two versions of the same subject are from the 1860s....

The more modern images are from the early 20th Century and female canteen employees, again in civilian clothing.

In the last image, the woman might be a local woman being offered a taste of army food or a civilian employed to purchase local food. In the French Army, Cantinieres and Vivandieres made their living purchasing the local food and drink then selling them to the troops. This was an effort to augment army rations and to keep soldiers near the camp rather than foraging or looting.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Women with Machine Guns

 Actress/Dancer Ann Miller..

 A poser...

Some kind of Medieval multi-barrel  "Gunne" with a female crew.

Polish WW One era reenactors...

 The women's unit they portray...

 Great fantasy war game figures by Hinterland....(Sorry! someone else painted these...NOT me.)

The movie Viva Maria