Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

LOD Trojan War figures.

    A few weeks back I got an interest in the Trojan War from Stephen Fry's narrative Troy, #3  Great Mythology series.  There are several Trojan War documentary series on PRIME and Youtube plus lots of on-line art from the Greek history, historical art, and modern interpretations of the early Bronze Age that added to my interest.  I bought the Heroes set from LOD Enterprises Trojan War series of sets. I also already had some of the hero figures included in one of the LOD Amazons sets.  

    These are LARGE figures 60-70mm. Fortunately LOD also supplies a whole large world for the series including Troy's walls, a ship, and the Trojan Horse. You can get chariots, extra troops, the Amazons, and even Greek Gods to get involved with the fighting.

    The series isn't quite "authentic" to the early Bronze Age. It portrays the mythology,  but does feature weapons and armor that existed at some point in Classical Greek history. Figures have shields that identify the Heroes with symbols from Homer's description. Some shields show future events like Odysseus's Cyclops and Aeneus' descendants Romulus and Remus.  

                                            Aeneus and Hector
      I color coded Trojan troops and heroes are in shades of blue.
                            Agamemnon Odysseus, and Diomedes.  

                                            Hector vs. Achilles.

                                            Greek archers.

                                    Odysseus and his Cyclops shield 

                        Aeneus and his Romulus and Remus shield. 

                                                King Priam of Troy

                   There isn't a Menelaus figure in the series.  
             Chiron the Centaur trained Ajax so he is portrayed on Ajax's shield. 


Purple dye was VERY expensive in those days. I gave a purple tunic to King Agamemnon. 

                        The sculptor gave Odysseus quilted cloth armor. 

                      Achilles vs. the Amazon  Penthesilea

                                       Paris, prince of Troy

                                                Helen of Sparta. 

LOD's Trojan War series, like their Robin Hood series are "fun" versions of historical legends that can be painted and displayed or played with as is in colored plastic.