Friday, January 27, 2023

Home Cast 54mm Royal Marines 1860s.

 Heads and knapsacks from London Bridge replacement parts. The castings are from Dunken Molds except the kneeling At Ready pose which is from a homemade mold that I borrowed. 

The At Ready poses have bayonets but the firing poses don't. I wanted to blend the At Ready and Firing poses as one unit.

Bayonets are paperclip metal cut to length. One end is flattened with a hammer. I filed away part of the rifle tip and crazy glued the bayonet to the rifle. When secure, a file was used to blend the bayonet to the rifle. 

The officer is also a London Bridge recast. It has a London Bridge replacement head and "Green Stuff" sash.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Toy Style 1866 Saxon Infantry

 Conversion of home cast 54mm figures to Saxon Allies of Austria in the Seven Weeks War. 

Franz Josef review the Saxons. (Britains Ltd conversions)

                  Replacement heads from Imperial Miniatures

                  "Green Stuff" and paperclip metal for details.

                                    Period illustration of Saxon Infantry

                                                Dunken mold SR96