Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vacation photos.

 EVERYONE comes to the falls....

"What art thou looking at?"

 "See at that man's wonderful hat!"

Fort Erie, Canada lost by both the US and British.

                                    Dad finds the pretty Parks Canada costumed interpreter.

"Oh Canada" dinner show in Lundy...corny fun!   Dad poses with "Klondike Kitty"

Rachel poses with the hunky "Mountie."

Back to the US....the Woodstock Festival site in Bethel Woods NY. Check it out. There's a great museum about the 1960s.

If you are a "boomer" , your childhood has been memorialized and romanticized.

Monday, June 25, 2012

In the works, LEMAX conversions.

LEMAX is working up in time from the romanticized Victorian era to a romanticized American 1950s. (Gee that was a "swell" time.) The party musicians and dancers are 1930s to 50s but the simple clothing can be Union "sack coats" and trousers with a little filing and filling.

Trim away the Kristmas Krap and add Toy Soldiers of San Diego heads.

As these figures are less than $2 to $3 US, have fun. They aren't rare or valuable, just good character pieces to place around your 54mm figures.

Longer skirt added to the female dancer with Green Stuff. No hay bales in the 1860s. Trim those away and cover the accordion player's seat to look like a box.

First coats of acrylic paint.

More to come....

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Emancipator Finales

A little later.................

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Emancipator makes history.

The break though cut off both the Weldon Railroad and and hours later, the Southside Railroad isolating Petersburg from the south and west. Richmond was denied these vital transportation links. Reason prevailed.

A few more installments to come BUT, after I get back from vacation. Tune in next Monday for the conclusions.

Thanks for your kind words on this story so far.