Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You can't go home again....

This is the Lesch homestead in Rockport, Mass. back in 1973. I lived upstairs with my brother and parents. (My sister was already out on her own.) My father was a pewter smith and my folks ran The Weathervane gift shop on the first floor. It was an old fish barn renovated to an apartment, work shop and gift shop.

My son now works part time in the candy store to the left and I worked there back in the 1960s. (Photos by the National Archive on Flicker.)

Here's my father working on pewter items in the back shop.

When my parents died my brother, sister, and I sold the place.
Here I am outside "The Old Lesch Place" on Memorial Day 2012.....Wow! A cup cake shop!


  1. There's something sad to see the place where you lived, being another place witch you can't recognize (or not completely!)....

  2. Well at least the charm and structure is still there; you could have gone back to find a parking lot!

    1. The ocean has made nearby properties into parking lots during winter storms. Folks just keep rebuilding on the lots. The area is a tourist Mecca and vacant space doesn't pay.

  3. Fascinating and touching post Scott. There seems to be some wonderful architecture in Rockport MA, another place to visit when I eventually get across the pond for my New England pilgrimage.

  4. Wow - what a lovely place to have grown up. The original shingles looks like something from a Dickens novel. Best, Dean