Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Two Towers, not Tolkien

My neighbor who is the IT man for Harvard Univesity helped me get my old tower running again on a new hard drive. My tower with all my current photos and links is still not here. I sent an email to Michael Dell of Dell Computers himself on this issue. Now we'll see some action!


  1. Cool. Dell is usually pretty good. Especially with warranty issues or at least they were.

    I am not a ROBOT

    1. You're not a ROBOT ?? prove it!
      I AM NOT A ROBOT !
      ... but I suppose that M.Dell is a robot...
      I've said "ROBOT" ???
      Who's a ROBOT here??

      (that's good to write such a comment!)
      PS: and you're the first -after me!-who add this precision in a comment!!
      One thing I like!

  2. Dell got right back to me. We'll see........