Thursday, May 17, 2012

Three Musketeers 2011. Give it another chance.

We went to see this in the theater but not in 3 D. My daughter and I watched the DVD last night with the commentary on. Try that and you may like this film a bit better. It really looked like all involved were having fun making it. I remember not liking  the 17th century costumes on the main cast but the commentery revealed that the costumes were stylized on purpose. OK..I can accept THAT along with the air ships. You may be surprised at how much of the building locations are REAL and not CGI.

My daughter can also add M'lady de Winter and Constance to her collection of nasty and sweet doomed heroines from literature.

Maybe my PC will come home some day and I won't have to post from work.


  1. I thought it was excellent, watched it through twice over.....not only the swashbuckling but the humour..the servant for instance on the balcony and the joke about the king never having the right colour clothes.."green!? How retro, we were wearing this what..two years ago?"

  2. I haven't seen this film, but I don't think any will ever beat the old ones with Michael York, Oliver Reed, Frank Finlay and Richard Chamberlain as the musketeers with a superb script by George MacDonald Fraser I think?

  3. A little over the top but I enjoyed it and would watch it again!