Friday, May 11, 2012

Sorry to whine...

I'm still waiting for my computer to come back. If a store says "we fix computers" they may not and just ship them out. Clean cut boy store managers that call you by your first name are not a thing I like. I sure hope they don't loose all my pictures and documents on the hard drive. I didn't get a chance to back it all up for a month on my external drive. Get one of those if you can and use it frequently.

I'm going to the Cape Ann "Skepti Camp" Saturday which I assured my dear wife is NOT atheist, just skeptical with presentations about fads, scams, and monsters. Skeptical, not cynical. My poor wife was "Shocked! Shocked I tell you!" when she found out the Reason Rally I went to in Washington was an Atheist Rally. ( She is a Catholic "church lady" and has numerous wonderful and supportive friends in her church.) At lease she and my daughter are trying to pray me into heaven. More toy soldiers to come with more cantinieres and women's 1800-early 1900s undergarments. Please stay tuned.


  1. When my PC bust I lost all my stored data,,that´ll teach me to save it elsewhere.
    Hve fun at the skepti camp..sounds fun.

  2. Staying tuned Scott, let's hope for good news!