Saturday, October 2, 2010

Toy Soldiers Of San Diego's Trail spike man

A very useful figure and often over looked in toy and model crews. The stock figure is in shirt sleeves and hat making it useful for Union or Confederate.

The handspike is a bit off having the end flattened to 4 sides. The originals when rounded as can seen in this on stored on the side of the gun.

Britains Ltd made a nice Civil War gun crew way back in the 1970s that I wish I'd hung onto. The handspike man is very much in action using the tool to turn the gun under orders of the gunner.

The basic TSSD figure can be converted with a few details changed.

This figure can be back dated to the 1830s serving a gun at the Alamo or San Jacinto. I converted the 1860s Issue canteen to an earlier flat faced version. You can inscribe wood lines on the face to make a home made wood version or leave it flat to show a tin drum style as I have.

As in many figures from my collection, I have "color coded" them rather than painting them.

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