Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween stuff.

Try Michaels or A.C. Moore in the U.S. next week. These LEMAX items will probably be on sale. LEMAX has a good number of Xmas decoration stuff that make good scenics. LEMAX's "Spookytown" Halloween series does as well.

The grave yard fence is from The Hobby Bunker in Malden, Massachusetts, US of A.


  1. What set was the fence originally issued with Scott? One of the Wild West play-sets?

    I've never seen it before, it's very nice, almost Victorian 'park' fencing, looks like it would make better Zoo fencing than almost all the 'zoo' fencing ever issued!! [Chuckles!]

  2. Gee Maverick, I don't know. It might make a good "Boot Hill" for a Western playset.

  3. That's what I wondered, there was an OK coral set wasn't there? But really nice anyway....