Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rail Road Cars

Bachmann G-Scale Box Car. In 1860s terms a "House Car" It's fairly close in detail to the peak roof versions.

Rounded roof "Tyson Car."

Compare to the upper G scale model to the lower O Scale model.

Yes it's NOT a perfect scale model for 54mm scale. The wheel trucks and couples are way off as well.

Playing with these G scale models is the closest to "Out of the Box" 54mm collects can get for Rail Road accessories. Some conversions could be done on the couplers to get the cars closer to correct but I hate to spoil a $44.00 model.

Here's how 2 of these cars look with Replicant/Marksmen 54mm figures.

Then my daughter came in to look.....


  1. excellent end!
    for me the scale of the "Box-car" is not a problem!
    sometimes a box-car with a different scale is JUST a box-car with a different scale!

  2. The cheapo WIld West one look similar at a fraction of the price. James

    1. James do you have a brand name for these cars? I'm looking for a flat car.