Monday, September 24, 2012

Civil War Body Search

A humiliating but sometimes necessary police and security tactic, the body search was the subject of several US Civil War stories and cartoons.

This one from Frank Leslie's Illustrated.

"Miss Buckner" was smuggling medicine to the Confederates.

Here is a version of a woman smuggling a man.

Here is my tale based on the more humorous Civil War era stories.

Note the new Bachmann G-Scale "House Car"in the top panels. It's about the closest to 54mm I've found to CW era rolling stock right out of the box. Couplers and trucks are NOT correct.


  1. crazy and funny !!!
    the End is splendid!!!!
    I like a lot !
    (I'm laughing while I write that: not easy !)


  2. The miniatures are so detailed and colourful and well produced for the story!

    1. Thank you. Most are LEMAX Christmas village figures that are repainted one color to use with my plastics.