Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hinterland Hussars

The first five of two forces. Northern hemisphere.

The next five from the Southern hemisphere.

I just received  eleven more from Hinterland and I'll split the them up for two small forces.

I don't even war game but I like the challenge of painting these little gems. I gave the two Hinterland medic figures to my friend Mark who IS a war gamer to make Marketenderin for his Franco-Prussian War army.


  1. I´ve always liked the look of these figs. Nice paintjob

  2. Very nice figures and very good painting!
    I understand that they must be pleasant to paint!

    1. Sam, I'm sorry I didn't get to your comment until today. These figures are pleasant but not easy. 10 more to come.

    2. Don't worry Scott !!!
      Actually, I've not a lot of time
      -to paint
      -to do some new posts on my blog
      -............ and visit forums and blogs!

      (and I know that some figures are very pleasant but not easy to paint: I've 2 on my work-desk who are waiting since 5 months that I've enough courage to finish them!)

      Waiting the next ones!