Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dr. Mary Walker statue

 A couple of years ago it saw that a statue of this lady was in the works.


The prototype was hidious.

Dr. Walker, as was the photographic custom at the time, set her hand on things.

 Once she leaned on something.

You note that she liked to be stylish in a number of  bloomer costume uniforms, plus show off her long hair.

I was wondering if this statue by Sharon Bumann, was ever finished and a quick search revealed that it was and installed in Owsego, N.Y.


 Nice job Ms Bumann!

 The work featured Dr. Walker's Medal Of Honor from the Civil War.

 The statue turned out pretty good IMHO.


  1. Very impressive woman. She certainly saw her share of action. I´m suprised only one woman has recieved the medal of honour and I´m suprised that this is the first time that a statue has been made of her.

  2. Thanks for telling that great story, Scott. Like Paul said, an amazing woman, easily comparable to Clara Barton.