Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another beautiful lady reenactor.

This blog entry turned up while I was looking for something else. This French Canadian lady gets the stages of dress "right" (at least according to my research) of the chemise under the drawers. (She's also very pretty.) Her outfit is "peasant garb" from the 1850s. Some lady reenactors wear their chemises OVER their drawers which looks bad, and doesn't do the " job " of having the inner most garment protect protect outer clothing from body soil. Period images for the 1860-70s are rare (so far) but either show drawers Over chemise, NO drawers, or it's too hard to tell.


She also posed in her version of 1830s fashionable clothing . The open inseam is visible but the chemise shows.

Check some of my past entries on the subject for further information on this EARTH SHAKING in formation.


Have fun.


  1. Hi, i was wondering where you found the slipper shoes? I have been looking all over for those exact 1830s shoes, and real ballet slippers don't work, they are really uncomfortable, I would really love to know. Thanks