Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Toy Cannons

I got a few of these Americana Souvenirs & Gifts  Napoleons at Gettysburg last week. I have the address of the shop and I may get more plus the limbers. They look OK with my Toy Soldiers Of San Diego 1/32 scale figures and will replace the old Penncraft cannons. Pick them up at local gift shops rather than the National Park Visitor Center book store as you'll pay only $6 each rather than center's price of  $12. .......OR support your National Parks and pay the extra money. We bought the tickets to the Gettysburg Visitor center movie and Cyclorama plus the Eisenhower Farm tour so I feel patriotic as H***!


  1. They look very nice...are they metal?

  2. Great value. Look pretty good too.

  3. That store now caries a great limber and caisson. They are detailed correctly too and cheap. Of course you have to paint them.