Sunday, August 28, 2011

MARX on Ayn Rand

I read Atlas Shrugged about 30 years ago and Rand's twisting of the Robin Hood legend bothered me.
One of her characters Ragnar Danneskjöld robbed shipping and gave back to the productive rich!  He claimed that people (in the Rand universe) now thought Robin Hood robbed the productive and gave to the undeserving. Ragnar was just giving back.

I just acquired a bag of reproduction MARX Robin Hood figures and had some fun.....


  1. They look fun. I´ve just looked them up..60mm, perfect for my Barzo Robinhood figs

  2. Paul, These are the smaller 1/32 scale Robin Hood figures. I have one of the 60mm figures and Those do go well with the Barzso Robin Hood figures.