Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hideous Children Of World War One!

Was this collection of "homunculi"an Imperial German secret weapon? Really who thought these postcards of German peasant children circa 1914-1916 were"cute?" The artist was Emil Beithan  and his artistry is good but ...REALLY?

Would this goblin make you donate to the Red Cross?

Admiration for the Kaiser and Hindenburg.

REALLY? These were meant to be CUTE?


  1. Bloody good artistry.I have a lot of german comics from the early 1900´s that have a very similar look to them..maybe it was the fashion of the period (in germany)

  2. The French, British, and Italians also had artists that did children "playing" war or as symbols or their respective nations. Emil Beithan's kids look a little sinister to me. He IS GOOD as far as detail, color, and poses.

  3. laughed until i cried abt ur hideous goblin comment!