Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Replicant's US Marines!

I hate to tell you what I paid for 4 sets of 6 figures each but they are fun figures. The US Marine set was made to go with Replicants's  Harper's Ferry Playset. I take exception that most period images show the U.S. Marines in greatcoats or shell jackets and wearing the wheel cap forage cap similar to the Mexican War. The good part is that Replicant's U.S. Marines are good for the Civil War. You could mass these figures in company fronts but they look good attacking Fort Fisher in North Carolina or skimishing on a coastal raid on Confederate salt works in Florida.

This figure above holds his weapon in the "prime" position but is reaching for a cartridge. The pose is forgivable as he's probably past the "load in nine times" training and is keeping his weapon out of the sand or water.

These figures come in a light blue plastic that does have some contamination and discoloration. I gave them a coat of dark blue acrylic.

Now if some company would make Civil War sailors on a landing raid! Blue, Gray or white plastic please.

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