Thursday, May 19, 2011

Civil War Movie Ladies Underwear

The latest series of Civil War movies since the 1990s have been pretty sexless with a few exceptions. Gettysburg and Glory were sausage fests while Gods and Generals only had Kali Rocha as Mrs. Jackson. Earlier films have injected some "sex" by use of the obligatory lingerie scene. The wardrobe department usually got the 1860s underwear wrong either by making it too "foofy", comical, or trying to make it look like modern lingerie.

Gone with the Wind made the clothing look funny but was close.

You have to give the wardrobe dept. credit for giving Vivian Leigh drawers in a scene where they were not seen.

Tap Roots with Susan Hayward and Julie London went for humor and over did the decorations.

Rain Tree County went the way of making Elizabeth Taylor's costume look like modern corsetry.

The Horse Soldiers had Constance Tower in a similar fitted top.

You had Senta Berger's 1960s slip/chemise in Major Dundee.

Jewell looked pretty good in Ride With The Devil but her World War One era chemise needed some sleeves.

As did Jody Foster in Sommersby.

This outfit was plan ugly in Little Women.

Former dancer Mary Tyler Moore was great as the "pleasingly plump" Mary Lincoln but why is Mrs. Keckly sewing stuff onto her hoopskirt?

The North and The South featured underwear that came from "Holly's of Fredericksburg" as the joke went among reenactors back when this mini-series came out.

Patrick Swayze's slutty sister in the series sported black and red lingerie in different scenes as well. A sure sign that she was EVIL.

Natalie Portman's poor farm woman chemise was good in Cold Mountain.

I don't think Cameron Diaz wasn't wearing much more that a chemise in Gangs of New York.


  1. interesting study !
    you're right , in all mid 19th century hoop skirt films there is a scene where we see lady's underwear , curious , curious ...

  2. Not curious at all. It's "sexy" without being too revealing. Many Westerns also have corset and bloomer scenes as do horror movies set in Victorian times. Even if the costuming is not totally "authentic" it's fun to watch.

  3. "in mutanda veritas!"

    (mutanda = underpants)

  4. Dear Maria,

    "Occasional postings of things I like that folks may like as well. History,Toy Soldiers,some politics, beautiful ladies past and present."

    I Do! If you see some of my past blog entries, I have done research into the subject. It's fun.

    I hope you keep watching my blog.



  5. Well Scott , these sorts of underwears scenes have nothing to do with the movie action , it's completely free, just to see under dresses and petticoats ... but it's not a problem for me , I like it !!!
    Patrick ,
    ( great admirator of 19th century ladies's underwears , particulary the hoop skirt !!! )