Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Men In The Moon..Missing Scenes?

I came across these publicity stills from the fun Victorian Sci-Fi movie The First Men In The Moon. Martha Hyer didn't look like this in the United States released version. Can any folks in the UK or Europe remember if there was a "European Version" with more "skin?"

One French poster promised bare arms and legs.

The US audience did get to see Martha Hyer's drawers in the zero-gravity scene.


  1. By coincidence I came upon your site whilst looking for a picture for my own wargames blog!

    I just watched the UK version of the film and sadly there were no Martha in lingerie scenes. It was just usual in the UK at this time for film producers to release cheesecake pictures of their leading ladies (especially in genre films) for the less upmarket Sunday newspapers and "glamour" movie monthlies.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. It would have been "fun."

  2. I love that flick! Can you IMAGINE suffering through that landing? YIKERS!

  3. Martha Hyer was quite a looker even in her early forties (when the film was made). It would have been fun to see her strip down to her corset and bloomers so that she could put on a space suit and go exploring the moon.

  4. Ah, the lovely Ms. Hyer. Here's a little on her B movie career: