Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chilean Cantiniere Irene Morales Infante

Irene Morales Infante was a Chilean Cantiniere in the War Of The Pacific. (1879-1884)
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"Irene Morales Infante  Sargento segundo y Cantinera del Ejército de Chile durante la Guerra del Pacífico."

This tinted photo shows her in feathered cap and plaid skirt with plaid facings.

She was painted in the uniform as well.

There is even a modern porcelain figurine of her.

Among this group of Chileans is a woman on the right attempting Irene Morales Infante's uniform. The woman in the center is wearing another Chilean Cantiniere outfit that shows up in old images and is sometimes identified with Cantiniere Irene Morales Infante.

Some modern Uniform Plates possibly showing Her.

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