Thursday, December 10, 2009

More on Ella Bishop......

Thanks to Mr. M Trent.....

"According to some, and I have no sources here except from one, the late, Dr. David Bertrum, so you know how some of those other stories can go, but the so called sweet Ella was "a modern day teenage vixon. She had the beauty of the swan, and an attitude of a snake."

When Smith's men entered Lexington, many of the soldiers were shouting anti-union comments, in which Ella, whose family was pro-union, found "insulting." Upon hearing enough, she made her way out to the streets and making a scene shouting pro-union remarks "waving here union flag proudly and boldly". A group of confederates went and took the flag from Ella, which only made here more mad, and made a huge scene, to where an officer came by and told the men, "Give her her **** flag back, so she'll shut up." At that point, Ella jerked the flag away from one of the soldiers hands and went her own way.

Then you have another side where when the men came through "a young lady stood nearby with a union flag drapped over her shoulders and watched as the long line if gray marched by." Several of the men joked and laughed at her with one offering to give her "the nations flag", his confederate flag, "so she would know what a winning army, a winning nation was." Ella said nothing. She stood not letting the men get to her at all. Ella simply took her flag, waved it, and said, "You can give me your flag, and you can give me your nation, but Kentucky will always be union."
So there are different views. I don't believe either of the two, but I was not there. Who knows. It does make for some interesting read though. It is better if you could have heard it from Dr. Bertram. "

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