Friday, April 13, 2012

Yet another lady gets it right!

 I've posted about reenactor ladies who I think are getting the stages of dress correctly...

Here is another set of photos from "Victorian Unmentionables - What Lies Beneath" on the Facebook page of  New York Nineteenth Century Society
 in which the lady starts from the chemise up to a well dressed 1860s lady. The best photos are here showing how the drawers go over the bottom of the chemise and the corset pulls it all together literally.

It all looks a little "frumpy" until the corset goes on....


  1. It's some rig to get into and a lot of it!

  2. To think I thought three layers of paint on a miniature was an effort! ;)

  3. Must have weighed a ton! Imagine wearing all that when it´s high sommer!!!!

  4. This is why the Victorians had such a bad attitude about sex: it was just too much work to get to it. After all that effort the men just couldn't be bothered anymore and had lost interest.