Thursday, April 5, 2012

"He's no fun! He fell right over!"

Here's an experiment with two poses from Replicant's ECW Musketeers. Nice figures but the bases just don't work.

I added  plastic bases from old figures to the kneeling figures.

 I used Milliput to extend the bases on the standing figures.

Beach sand and white glue fill in the gaps.

I used a light acrylic color to see if it makes the figures more visible to the camera.

These two poses make an opposing unit to the other two poses in the set. I put various helmets and caps on these poses.

The bases on these poses work just great! If anyone looking in can explain the figure's weapons not needing the matchlock stand, please let me know. Are these carbines or something close?


  1. Neat little conversion; it certainly stops the 'oh bother!' as yet another rank topples over. ;)

  2. The ones with staves are more than likely matchlocks..basically arquebuses, although flintlocks were also fired using rests, they came as carbine versions which didn´t need them but sometimes were used anyway to increase accuracy.

  3. Great converions on the bases and heads Scott. By 1642 most matchlock muskets was light enough to fire without a rest, although they were used at the start of the war by some regiments (presumably those with older heavier muskets). Having tried with and without in my re-enactment days, carrying the rest is a completer pain in the behind and it is easy to see why they were dispensed with (much like Pikemens tassets and gorgets as the war progressed).

  4. Gents, thanks for the replies about the firing rests. A Call to Arms made figures with and with out them but only the slightly larger scale figures firing with rests. These don't fit with the other musketeer figures.