Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Louise Michel movie

See wikipedia for the quick history of this French woman.

I was hoping that the movie.....The Rebel, Louise Michel (2009)  ....... have scenes of the Paris Commune or the Siege of Paris but it appears to cover her exile to New Caledonia. 

Sylvie Testud portrays the famous Louise Michel.........

Sylvia Testud poses for a little 'cheese cake" as the plain character.

Sylvia Testud also stars in this film on my NETFLIX queue.

La France (2007)

"When her husband writes her from the frontlines of World War I and insists that she forget him about him, Camille (Sylvie Testud) disguises herself as a young soldier and joins the ranks, determined to track down her long-lost love. Writer-director Serge Bozon's drama chronicles Camille's epic journey, as her dogged search for answers leads her from the peaceful countryside existence she once enjoyed to the blood-soaked battlefields of war."