Thursday, March 22, 2012

Heroines and Damsels

A blog entry by another gent gave me the idea of seeing what 54 mm figures in my collection could make Victorian or "Pulp" female characters. The few would include the repro of the MARX  huntress.

Toy Soldiers of San Diego has the Russian Sniper...

LEMAX's "Spooky Town" series has a lady adventurer. Arrow but no bow with a whip and torch.

 Two adventurers, Colonel Henry Blake from M.A.S.H. and a young Ronald Reagan can also be had from LEMAX. 

All these figures are easy to find and CHEAP! You can get two Russian Snipers in a bag of TSSD Russians. The MARX huntress, sometimes with the Missionary figure are sold as repros from The Hobby Bunker and others. LEMAX from eHobby. Conversions to various time periods are possible.

 I did several war gaming figures but they all went on eBay back in 2010.

I still have a stock 54mm "character" that I scratch built to fit as a helpless "female".

She has that comic knees together, heels apart stance that no real woman actually makes.  An episode of The Legend of Tarzan cartoon by Disney was called to my attention and those folks at Disney had four women including Jane Porter lost in the jungle, with out skirts and three making that helpless female pose! Oh Disney!

Reminds me of that soft core classic Pecos Bill from 1948 with Slue Foot Sue!

I'm off to the REASON RALLY in D.C. and I'll be back Sunday.


  1. Speaking of Disney and bloomers, remember how often Alice's bloomers were visible in Alice in Wonderland (1951)? When she first falls down the rabbit hole, she flips over completely! And the way her dress puffs up like a parachute closely resembles those pictures of women's dress parachutes you posted a while back.

    1. I left that cartoon out because the character is a kid though she could be a Victorian Adventurer. A hoopskirt as parachute shows up in even more 1800s cartoons since I posted those, AND a 1940s Mighty Mouse cartoon "Girl of the Golden West."