Monday, March 12, 2012

Among the One Percent!

 A chance to use the MARX hunt club "Bag O' Snobs" again. I actually like rich people and I'm sure they will taste delicious!

Some folks red plastic just isn't red enough.


  1. Having just spent 12 months through the courts trying to get a rich-man to pay me, I can assure you they will be tough and grisley with meanness! But...their lawyers, barristers (and the Judges) will cook in their own fat of self-importance and be sweet as suckling-piglets!

    Bring on the revolution!

    Back in the 80's (last time the money men tried to ruin with world with their search for the ultimate fiscal imbalance) Lemmy (of Hawkwind and Motorhead fame) had a staring role in a very funny made-for-TV film [Movie] called 'Eat The Rich', I recommend it...