Thursday, March 1, 2012

Civil War Legend

I've read this tale a dozen times and seen it portrayed in the old miniseries The Blue and The Gray. I wonder if it's true? I wonder if MY version is true?

* Kerosine Lamp "Idea"

Originally it was Spring 1861 but I realized that I had harvested crops in the background. The two teens are New Ray Amish back dated to Virginia farm kids. "Mom" is a MARX Mary Lincoln with a Steve Weston Mexican peasant woman's head.


  1. Ma doesn't look happy! It's the kerosine lamp idea that makes me chuckle.

  2. We're a sucker for boobies I'm afraid....

  3. Very funny! I like and I'm laughing!

  4. Can you help me please? I'm desperately looking for plastic figures of 19th century other than soldiers and your blog is the only place where I've found some women... may you suggest me where I can buy figures like the ones above or that of Mary Lincoln? Thanks!

    1. Lucia, Copy and paste this link to The Hobby Bunker in Malden, Massachusets for the President and 1st Ladies.

      Do the same for Replicant civilian figures.

      Other figures can be found on such as the LEMAX Christmas figures the include figures that can be used for mid 1800s.

      Good Luck and let me know.