Friday, February 10, 2012

Those Darn Uhlans.

( Note that some of the troops with lances are actually kurassier units and dragoon units. The Germans seem to have armed them with lances as well.)

Uhlans,  they bring em' in alive!

It takes a gang to bring them in....

They had to deal with technology...  barbed wire.

Working with air power.....

Armored vehicles going after them......(click for the caption.) Imagine the TV show..Rat Patrol! In sepia!

Some artist did have a sense of humor about mechanization of the Uhlans.

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  1. That last one is the best, but I'd remind you - Barklay, Manoil and Co. - the American slush-casters - brought even weirder veicles to the carpets of a nation!!!