Sunday, February 5, 2012

Quick Limber Project

The Americana Souvenirs limber is a slightly larger scale than the cannons I converted. I think it's supposed to fit to a slightly larger cannon in their catalog. I tweaked the limber by using some spare wheels from their cannon.
I don't plan on getting a batteries worth of limbers. One makes a nice display. We'll see.


  1. A simple but effective conversion...I love the last two pics LOL!!

  2. Paul, I know it isn't necessary in war gaming but one could make a full battery with limbers and caissons in war gaming scales. Thanks for your comment. Stay tuned.

  3. I never noticed the difference and I have 6 of those limbers here....Man i hope the Caissons aren't all that bigger.

  4. Please let me know if the Caissons are bigger. I can do the same wheel change with the caissons but I'll need more cannons to scavenge from.

  5. Limber and Caisson are same size size..... I use MARX Limbers with my Dulcop Cannon.... So I will keep the Americana Limbers and Caissons together ...

    FP and PJR