Friday, February 24, 2012

New Ray Amish

I got the tip from this gent....

The Toy Soldier Depot in Maryland has the figure set. The set has potential for Civil War civilians but the women's clothing suggests the 17th Century. We shall see.

Maybe some slight "Green Stuff" work and a mono chrome paint job.



  1. ..and a horse and buggy plus Harrison Ford and maybe some bad guys?

    1. Oh Right! There are two buggies in this series. Plus Cops and robber figures from the old Untouchables playset by MARX. There's a table top scenario!

  2. Lovely post, I'm a great fan of all this new stuff by New Ray, Safari and Supreme, there are some great ancients out there as well!

  3. Thanks for the props, Scott! And thanks for the heads up on the Mormon/handcart set. I've been trying to locate it for a while. Will check out the link you provided.