Friday, December 9, 2011

ZOMBIE Skeletons!!!!!!

I just got these on Amazon for less than one hour's U.S. minimum wage. 30 figures with 6 poses. I see  possibilities for changing the poses a bit for more "individuals" using hot water or swapping limbs with plastic rod and "Crazy Glue."

Usefulness you might ask. They are slightly smaller than 54 mm. They have a slight Bronze Age look and could have sprung from the desert on unwary Legionnaires!

 Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition OR a Zombie Skeleton attack!

For war gamers.....Nephilim attack!

(40 year old Jack Scruby 25mm French)

Nephilim hoax photo...'s in the Bible!


  1. Those skellies are great. I got myself a set of them years ago..they came with some pirates. The pirates have dissapeared but I still have the skellies. What make are the conquistadores??

  2. Paul I think the Conquistadores are by Monarch.

    Try this link..I didn't pay as much.