Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yet more on women's underwear of the 1800s.

I was "worried" about what this German lady was doing when I first saw her blog entree........

Re: Ein paar Krustentiere - bright eyed and bushy tailed
So Nov 13, 2011 21:37 pm.........

She wears her chemise over the drawers at first...

But as she goes on, she wears the chemise inside her drawers....

Then she then wears her corset over both........

Too bad she couldn't get her friend to shot the photos instead of using the mirror. Many period images show the corset worn as the lady is doing, over both the chemise and drawers.

(The picture above is from LIFE Magazine with no date. If anyone recognizes the artist, please let me know.)


  1. I can´t begin to imagine how hot and restrictive all that clobber must have been!!!

  2. It was steady employment for maids and laundresses and seamstresses, not to mention the cotton mills...or slavery.