Sunday, June 12, 2011

Corporal Si Klegg and his "pard"

    A fun book on Civil War soldier life is Corporal Si Klegg and his "pard" by Wilbur F. Hinman.
I read it back when I was more active in reenacting along with Hard tack and Coffee by John D. Billings.
Both books give details of everyday life of Union Soldiers and are full of great little illustrations.
   Si Klegg can be found On-Line here and here....
Now I really LIKE the Si Klegg book which is a series of good natured funny adventures of the young butter ball Si and his tall lanky "Pard" Shorty.  Shorty predates the character Kat from All Quiet on the Western Front, and  helps Si adjust to army life and keep him out of trouble. In respect of the book and the characters I would still like to have read this adventure or Si and Shorty.......