Monday, June 20, 2011

Bersaglieri Postcards

 Similar in theme to these Legionnaire cards I found.... a series of comic postcards about the  Bersaglieri of Italy and their colorful history. (sometimes with the "forces of darkness") Note that that Bersaglieri units were both in Russia and North Africa in 1942. Click on the pictures for more detail and note the fez in some drawings. That's the undress cap.


  1. "Bersagliere a 20 anni, Bersagliere tutta la vita!"
    Bersagliere at 20 years old, Bersagliere for lifetime!"

    historical note: the fez became part of the clothing after the Crimean War, where the French Zouaves offered it to Bersaglieri as appreciation for their courage in battle of the Chernaya.

    The Bersaglieri are the only italian soldiers that wear the fez today