Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guns and Underwear.

If you search the "internets" ("it's a series of tubes.") You will find somewhere, someone with a similar interest. These cartoons from early 1900s French magazines show women firing weapons in their underwear which tell me that I missed the artists and audience of these pictures by 100 years.

These characters fire pistols for no apparent reason, undressed.

Unlike Johanna Stegen , "The Heroine Of Lüneburg", this character holds extra cartridges in her skirt.

A proposed uniform with "culotte blank" instead of "culotte rouge."

Movie makers were probably not aware of these images when they made VIVA MARIA set in 1908 and 100 RIFLES set in 1912.


  1. I don't know what it is with ladies with guns but the guys always really get excited when I go shooting with them.

  2. Folks were lining up to see Annie Oakley and other women sharpshooters back then. Le Petit Journal in France had a series of covers of female fighters from "current" events (early 1900s) in the Boer War, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Of course they were drawn "beautiful."