Monday, March 21, 2011

Fräulein Doktor: gas attack...

 About 6 minutes in the Germans, including mounted Uhlans get out of their trenches in gas gear. I've only seen this scene from Fräulein Doktor,  before in black and white on a tiny TV screen. A very powerful scene that reminds me of Lord of the Rings and Alexander Nevsky.


  1. A great movie scene... but absolutly false.
    It is the description of a mustard gas attack, but the aggressive was scattered by artillery shells, not sprayed by cylinders ...the germans bombing the enemy lines by british mortars ( ) … the effects of the aggressive are immediate and on the hands, when the lesions are visible hour after the exposition and in the wet body parts... the germans advancing in polluted area without total body protections...

  2. Itto, Thank you for the clarification.