Thursday, March 3, 2011

German 18th Century "Unterhose?"

I found this 18th century painting on-line from an unknown German artist. It's a female version of William Hogarth's "A Midnight Modern Conversation" shown below..

Several people on-line at an American War of Independence forum believe that this is a party of female mourners with the widow in black to the left.

The woman falling above MAY be a man in disguise wearing breeches but this style doesn't match breeches styles. This painting may show the falling woman exposing underdrawers a century before they were popularly worn in Europe. Note that no chemise is showing and may also show that the chemise was worn next to the skin under the drawers as is shown in mid 1800s to early 1900s photos and artwork.

Also note that the widow wears no underdrawers.


  1. In 1830 a group of lower to middle class Swiss and Southern Germans immigrated to the US. Their packing list includes underpants for women. There are many 18th century bloomer style underpants in Italian museums. There are also, underpants for women found in American 17th century inventories. Italians wore their underpants as one piece, not as a pair. Northern Europeans wore the pair. Is it possible that Germans wore the one piece in southern areas, and the two piece in northern areas?

    Where is the location of the painting above? It might be a 19th century piece.

    1. Dear Tara , I'm afraid I don't know the location and origin of the painting. Thank you for your information.