Monday, July 12, 2010

Playing The English Civil War in miniature...

I'm not a real "Buff" of the period but I like some of the figures available. Call To Arms makes some pretty good figures. Unfortunately in 1/32 scale they sell you 4 crews in a box but each cannon separately so you pay $20 plus before you get ONE cannon and crew.  I found some REAMSA cannons that are "close." BMC Scenics for houses and earth works.

Mixed Musketeers ..Call To Arms and REPLICANTS. A couple of  Safari learning set Jamestown residents to.

You have to buy  a LOT of boxes of Call To Arms Pike Men to do a Unit. I replace the plastic pikes with metal or stiff plastic rod. There are some useless poses that can be made useful by turning the heads as in the REAR RANK figures.

The Defending Pike Men are pretty good. The useless standing figures make a good rear rank or reserve.

Cavalry from Call To Arms . I use IMEX horses on the Round Heads instead of the "pigs" Call To Arms provide. Those horses went on the less detailed Musketeers by REAMSA.

Call To Arms does make troops "on the march" which I like because they can be used for drill, parades, or advancing in battle. Click for bigger versions.

Add MARX and  Safari Jamestown figures as camp Followers.