Saturday, July 10, 2010

The BOXER REBELLION in miniature

A quick set up of ARMIES IN PLASTIC (and others) Boxer Rebellion Figures. More of a siege than a battle but fun to "play" or war game.

The "INTERNATIONAL GUN" manned by U.S. Marines. Marx Boy Scout and BMC "Rough Riders."

Fight at the RUSSIAN LEGATION with "The Baroness" (Argentine plastic Wild West figure)

German and French Sailors converted from AIP British Sailors

Hand to hand combat! French and British converted from AIP Boer War troops.

Another heroic woman (another Argentine plastic Wild West female figure)

Send in The U.S. MARINES! (BMC Plastic)


  1. Very nice,I am trying to build a Boxer army my self and I have found that there are other plastic Boxer figures. Please were did you get the purple female figures?

    1. Ralph, that figure is an Argentine copy of Reamsa wild west characters. I found a set of just women with guns on eBay.

  2. Thanks.There are new Boxer Figures in 54mm that are great,They are on Ebay. I hope to be adding them soon. My club The Kent and Kenmore Gamers are trying to bring back 54mm gaming.I have built a large western town, and I have a thousand man fantasy army,which I have been working on for thirty years. The Russian company" Tehnolog " has many wonderful fantasy,and space figures,everyone should check them out. Thanks again