Tuesday, July 6, 2010

French Cantinieres in North Africa

Some period images of French Army Cantinieres serving in North Africa in the 1800s. Most are imaginative views but this portrait that also appears on the blog Warfare in the Age of Steam is a military couple.

"Cantinière et chasseur d'un bataillon de chasseurs à pied en Algérie, 1840"

A sad painting of a Cantiniere killed in combat...

 Another imaginative print of a Cantiniere being carried off by a North African. The German title is "Der Raub der Marketenderin" (The Rape of The Cantiniere)

another version from the Anne S.K Brown Collection

 A French illustration of Salome...

A French paper back ...

Illustrations from the novel Under Two Flags of "Cigarette" the cantiniere..

Claudette Colbert portraying "Cigarette"...

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  1. interesting as usual - I'll have to look out for Under Two Flags